Hi, I'm Jeanette. I'm nerd meets soul, conscious mama, badass partner and the proud founder/CEO of Dear Liv Media. Nothing about my life or career has been linear, which means I also have great stories.

Prior to LIV, I spent two decades in finance and retired in 2018 as a Senior Vice President with 3B in assets under management. I sat on the Merrill Lynch Impact Investment Advisor Committee and participated in “Women & Financial Wellness: Beyond The Bottom Line” A Merrill Lynch study, conducted in partnership with Age Wave. 

I'm both left and right brained which means problem-solving makes me giddy and creative arts are my love language. I can make a handmade card, record a killer podcast and then rebalance a portfolio. I've also spent the last decade studying wellness programs, Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), Choice Theory and neuroscience because our brains are fascinating organs with more synapses than stars in the universe (I told you I am a nerd).

What does Dear Liv mean?

As a student of Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) and the Gender Lens movement, I know statistically why we need more money in the hands of women. And, I happen to be raising one. Olivia aka Livi Rabbit and...Liv. She's my Why.

You see, Dear Liv has a long game. We aren't just here to connect you to the coaches and thought leaders of our time because it is the right thing to do or because of our revenue targets. While Dear Liv is open to men and women, we understand what women do for our world, economy, society, and families when they work on themselves and lean in (love her or hate her Sheryl Sandberg was on to something).

Dear Liv is my love letter to my daughter and her friends.

They will enter a different workforce than we did. They will love more consciously and advocate for themselves because we will model the behavior for them. 

Feels good, doesn't it? 

The Dear Liv team is highly skilled and deeply passionate. We may even be doing research at the intersection of mental health and technology because we are super compassionate nerds who want to make a mark on this world while still having a ton of fun (this explains the Schitt's Creek and Beyonce GIFs on our socials).


While I love highlighting our coaches and thought leaders online and in the Dear Liv app, I also love to talk to you directly. Nothing fills me up like helping another woman succeed, which is why I created The Gold Circle. It is a mentorship membership that feels more like a board of advisors with a whole lot of "I've got you” sprinkled on top. I personally host Business Mastermind, Financial IQ, Hot Seat Coaching and virtual happy hour calls through Zoom each month so that I can share what I've learned and introduce you to the specialists who go deeper on the deets that drive your business, finances and relationships.

They say your circle is everything. I would love for you to join mine.

My not-so-linear Timeline

  • Dear Liv app won Best Design Award by Best Mobile Apps 
  • Navigated homeschool and a start up (delicately/messily)
  • Launched Dear Liv App on Apple App Store
  • Honored as a "Trailblazer" by Girl Scouts of Southern Nevada
  • Practiced a lot of yoga and did a lot of squats in public settings
  • Launched Gold with Jeanette Schneider podcast (rebranded Dear Liv)
  • Book LORE: Harnessing Your Past to Create Your Future released by Balboa Press (imprint of Hay House)
  • Left Corporate America
  • Facilitated largest-ever gift in Girl Scout history
  • Spent a lot of time in Maui finishing my book, meditating, and devouring Kauai Pie waffle cones from Lappert's (I have a whole story about a week on the island with no luggage that you’ll have to ask me about sometime)
  • Honored as a Vegas Inc, "Woman to Watch"
  • Launched the first-of-it’s kind co-branded women’s leadership network within Bank of America and Merrill Lynch. It is now the largest in Nevada.
  • Launched LORE & Little Things blog which would become the first iteration of Dear Liv 
  • Inducted into Nevada Women's Chamber of Commerce Hall of Fame for Leadership 
  • Received Athena Award
  • My dear daughter Olivia was born and so was my purpose (and two years of sleep deprivation)
  • Thought I was invincible, but that was just being rested and carefree

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